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Around these parts, we tend to be a pretty independent folk.  We don’t much care for being led. That’s why we choose to live in New Hampshire. “Live Free or Die” means more to us than just a slogan on a license plate.  Not that far from here, the seeds of the American Revolution were planted.  Today on our farm, and many other local family farms, the seeds of another revolution are being sown. The preamble to “our” declaration of independence goes something like this…

We the People…

Desire to be independent and free to GMO’s, big business, overdevelopment, excessive intrusion in our lives, and the sense of the helplessness and loss of control we all feel;

Want to know what we are eating, where it came from, who raised it, how it was grown, what’s in it, and what is on it;

Want to support local businesses and local families and develop our own viable economy without any government or big corporate assistance, interference, or subsidies;

Want to return to a time where we all participated in the food cycle, and when the local farm was the center of commerce and community;

Believe that the family farm is a cornerstone of our society and we want to enjoy and ensure that future generations enjoy the healthy food, open space and the undeveloped landscape that family farms and New Hampshire provide.



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